Joomla and

Where Have I Been?

If you follow(ed) my blog here on you would have seen that in November I had a bit of a digital meltdown…it also caused a bit of an emotional and mental breakdown and I lost the feeling of wanting to create.

The good news is that I have been creating, just not digital art or taking photos. I’ve been learning Joomla from YouTube videos and created a free site on I also purchased a domain name ( and, on Cyber Monday, purchased a year of hosting from (affiliate link – doesn’t cost you any extra but it can help me out).

Joomla Junkie

Yep, that’s me! The geeky, nerdy, techie side of me has turned into a Joomla Junkie. This CMS totally rocks once you get your head wrapped around how to use it. My brain hasn’t felt so alive in a while and it is enjoying the learning experience!! 🙂 I’m now learning how to use K2 for said website. Once I get the hang of this content extension for Joomla I will more than likely write a review.

Try Joomla! Hosting Free for 30 Days |


Why I Chose as my Web Host

As I mentioned above I’ve been learning Joomla from watching YouTube videos. I’ve watched videos from many creators/teachers but when I watched the wide variety of videos and recorded webinars created by I finally started to understand more of the workings of Joomla. The presenter has a very calm, soothing voice that made learning easy; the fact that he would repeat the actions also made it easy for me to grasp the content. When Cyber Monday rolled around and I got an email that they were offering 50% off a year of web hosting…that sealed the deal for me (since by this time I already had a domain name but no host).

Another reason I went with is their free Joomla web hosting plan. While you don’t get the bells and whistles of a paid plan, you can install templates from the web and extensions (unlike! Not just for a month either…all you have to do is click the Yellow Renew button once a month to continue your site as a free subdomain (think, but on steroids!). I have 11 days left on my free account which was great to use while I was learning Joomla, I will more than likely keep it to use as a testing site.

If you’re tired of using, or a self-hosted WordPress site, give Joomla a try! Better yet, why not watch some videos to see how easy it can be to create a great looking site. Here are three different playlists created by

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