Teppanom Angels

Teppanom Angels - Final Image

Teppanom Angels – Final Image


I got a new 1 TB portable hard drive the other day that will be only for my travel photos, and to be used with my RAVPower FileHub (affiliate link on Amazon) for transferring travel photos to my iPad mini for processing. I wanted to make sure the drive worked correctly so I copied photos from my two trips to Thailand and one trip to Palau. I then hooked it up to the FileHub, went to settings on my iPad and joined the network created by the FileHub. Next I opened the app and waited a few seconds for the hard drive to show up. I went into my Thailand 2009 resized photos and found 4 photos I wanted to work on.

Today’s photo was taken at Bangkok Airport while we waited for our flight home. There was this beautiful gold temple that had alternating rows of Garuda’s and these Teppanom Angels – I had to do a search on them as I couldn’t remember what they were called (for some reason I was able to remember Garuda). For any Thai readers out there, please correct me if I’m wrong as I would really like to know.

Original unprocessed photo taken with the Sony HX-1

Original unprocessed photo taken with the Sony HX-1


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