Chedi Buddha

Chedi Buddha - Final Image

Chedi Buddha – Final Image


I’m still trying to play around with the watercolor-sketch effect using iColorama from the video tutorial I saw by H2 on YouTube titled “iColorama – Watercolour&Sketch“. I have to think that some photos work better than others…those that don’t have a lot of detail.

With that said I tried something a little different – I didn’t use the sketch part, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Today’s photo was taken at Wat Lok Molee in Chiang Mai, Thailand (2009); it was the first stop our tuk-tuk driver took us to, about an hour after we arrived in Chiang Mai. It was at that point that I fell in love with Northern Thailand. It didn’t matter that I was tired after not much sleep on the 17+ hour journey, there were all sorts of beautiful things my camera and I wanted to capture.

Here is the original photo taken with the Sony HX-1.

Zoomed in on the Buddha in the Chedi at Wat Lok Molee

Zoomed in on the Buddha in the Chedi at Wat Lok Molee


Here is a street view, thanks to Google Maps, of Wat Lok Molee. See that bit of gold on the building in the background (past the tree on the left and the front/visible building on the right)? That is where I found the Buddha.


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